My five-decade geography lessons

As I get around to it I will elaborate on the visits and experiences hidden behind the list of destinations.

Countries I've travelled to

Within the UK

Probably every county in England, most counties in Wales, and all but a couple of counties in Scotland. 

Offshore I've visited The Shetlands twice, Northern Ireland three times, Isle of Wight about 8 times, Lundy twice, and Anglesey, The Scillies, and Lindisfarne.  I'm not sure Canvey Island or the Isle of Sheppy count.  Never been to the Channel Islands of the Isle of Man.  Not yet anyway.


France maybe 20 times.  Belgium 3 or 4 times.  Holland twice.  Germany 4 times, including the first 3 years of my life (I was born there), Austria and Switzerland 4 times each, Spain about 8 times, Ireland (southern) 4 times, and one visit apiece to Lichtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Malta, Monte Carlo, Italy, Greece and Cyprus (but my one visit was for 3 years as a child).

Not yet managed any nordic countries, Portugal, Albania, or any other former iron curtain countries, apart from two listed.


USA four times, Haiti, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait 3 times (well the airport -  still counts?), The Maldives twice, China (Hong Kong), Morrocco, and Sri Lanka (I left it 4 times during the year I was there).